Don’t Ship Your Own Books, Please

There are many reasons why getting someone else to ship your books, CD’s or other products makes good business sense. What is “fulfillment”? Fulfillment is the act of shipping, or fulfilling orders from Readers who purchase your book or product off your website or through your company. Fulfillment providers will sometimes even manage your entire […]

Self-Publishing Debate

I find this blog post from the Society of Authors in France interesting because it’s what many of us perceive as the main points of debate on self-publishing. Here’s what I agree with in this post: – Every Author needs help. It’s real work – you can’t do it all yourself. – Every Author is […]

Self-Pub Best Choice in Economic Downturn

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard an author say to me lately, “With all that my publisher is making me do to promote my book, I’m not sure why I needed them at all.” Check out this very revealing and plain-facts Globe and Mail article (with the appropriately defeatist title, “Publish, and Your […]

Successful Self-Publishing: Interview with Rick Passek

Listen LIVE this Wednesday and call in with your questions for Rick Passek, author of The Freshman FlyFisher. We’ll talk about niche marketing for self-publishers. To listen, simply click to: You can call in LIVE with your questions at (347) 205-9352 during the show, which runs from 3:30 to 4:40 Pacific Time on Wednesday […]

Publicity for Authors – KimPossible Interview

I’ll be going LIVE again at 3:30 Pacific time this afternoon with Kim Plumley, or “KimPossible”, the CEO of Publicity Mavens. Call in LIVE at (347) 205-9352. Get answers right away to your questions about publicity for Authors and other solopreneurs. To listen, just click to: We had such excellent feedback about our podcasts […]