Why I tell writers not to get too excited about copyright.

There are reasonable privacy precautions to take when you start a publishing project. But don’t obsess over the stuff that doesn’t matter. Almost every Author comes to me with a lot of fear (read: baggage from bad stories they’ve heard or imagined) about “copyright” and the possibility of people stealing their stuff.┬áIn all 12+ years […]

Great Example: Pre-Release Book Marketing

Author Holly Tucker is about to release her book “Blood Work” on March 21st. Check out her pre-release activities to help market her book. Holly has great cover artwork, and she uses it. She also happens to be adorable herself, so she has her photo in her newsletter. She has created regular and clearly-written contact […]

Subtlety Demonstrates Confidence

Seth Godin recently wrote a blog post about how subtlety can be a better approach in marketing. His post really got me thinking. Subtlety is really about the confidence that you have a great product and that your quality will be shown over the long term. Subtlety is also about letting the reader take ownership […]

Work/Life Balance For Writers

(This article reprinted with permission from Joan Craven of InexpensiveKidsFun.com.) One of my heroes is Joan Craven, of Craven Communications (JoanCraven.com) in Calgary, Canada. Joan is a Mom, Grandmum, Business Owner, Professional Speaker, and about a million other things to boot. She is what I hope I can learn to be like: happy, fulfilled, and […]

The Ghost CEO Chris Flett

Tune in LIVE this afternoon when I’ll be interviewing Author Chris Flett. His book What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business is published by Wiley in Canada and the USA, and he’ll be here to talk about marketing, especially for female entrepreneurs and authors. To listen LIVE, click to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Peggy-Richardson/2008/12/03/Women-Authors-Interview-with-Ghost-CEO-Chris-Flett I invite you to call […]