New Year, New Writing Schedule

Is 2014 the year you really want to get that book written? Whether it’s a breakout novel, a business book to help your company or build your profile, or just a creative explosion, 2014 can really be your year. I’m totally revising my newsletters into a once-a-month inspiration email that will give you all sorts of […]

Paulo Coelho on Writing and Procrastination

You’re not the only one with a problem to do with writing and procrastination. Just start, says Paulo Coelho. This short video not only shares the author’s feelings about the problem all writers face, but contains a really cool book trailer from Germany about his latest work, Aleph. In case you’re not familiar with Coelho, […]

Author Bullying – A Scary New Trend?

Are you an author who has been bullied? Write to me in confidence about your experience, via email at I was thrilled when I recently found out that a friend’s daughter had found time to write a long trilogy of fantasy novels. In between raising her four young children, she has written a beautiful […]

Top Kindle Indie Authors Worth Following

As a followup to my blog post for, about why women over 30 write better eBooks, here’s a list of the top female indie Authors worth following on Twitter, and definitely worth reading. I was fascinated with how each of these women market themselves. Some have many books, others have very few. Some are […]