If Seth Is Doing It, Why Can’t We All?

The adorable Seth Godin announced this week that he has created his last traditionally-published book. Here’s why his plan may or may not work for everyone. (It’s a great post, by the way, and I strongly suggest you read it.) Seth is brilliant – that’s not debatable. He’s a rebel, a visionary, and his writing […]

Busting the eBook Myth

eBooks are now hugely popular. If that’s the case, why are there still printed books? eBooks are the best and worst thing to happen to the publishing industry in the last 200 years. They are the best thing because in a sense, they level the playing field for many Authors who wish to self-publish. However, […]

Keyword Research – Download This

Keyword research is so very important that I want to highlight this tip sheet for my readers. Please download this free PDF for a fast introduction to the why and how. I recently gave a talk for the Nanaimo Women’s Business Network here on Vancouver Island, and for the Ladies Who Launch in Vancouver, and we […]