6 eBook Tools That I Can’t Live Without

Part of my job is to try all sort of things that help Authors. Here, I’ll show you six things that I’ve personally tried, and that are really helping me with various things related to online marketing and eBooks. 1) EvernoteĀ is great for; – web-based research, saving web pages – take a pic of a […]

How to Title Your eBook

Here are some great tips for choosing a title for your book or eBook. Done carefully, the correct title can really help ensure the success of your project. Or not. The title of your eBook should start with your goals and keyword research. Regarding non-fiction eBooks, the title must accomplish the following things; Your title […]

How to Choose a Quality Domain Name

Here’s a post I’ve been promising for a while now: how to choose a domain name for your book, ebook, or for that matter, any other project. The first rule: I could never, ever endorse titling a book (or any other project) if you do not own the associated .com domain. If the title of […]