Choosing A Platform For Your eBook

The Kindle platform is great for many types of content, but not for all. When I offer my presentations and classes, I have a few slides that help walk Authors through the following choices. Your content might work for all platforms, or not. For the sake of simplicity, I break eBook platforms into two major […]

Great (And Bad) Video Book Trailers

I’m being interviewed on July 2nd by Sheri Kaye Hoff, regarding eBooks and the video trailers to sell them. I’ve compiled a list of good and bad examples of video book trailers to make a few of my points clear. Love, Stargirl This one was the winner of the 2007 Teen Book Video Awards. (Like, […]

Best Practices: Book Cover Design

I’ve personally been involved on the design of about 25 book covers now, both ebook and printed books. Here are my 10 top tips for a great book cover. The design of your book cover is extremely important, no matter how you plan to distribute it. Marketing rumour (I won’t say research, because I can […]