You’re Going to Need to Hire an Editor

¬†(This is an excerpt from my book “Your Book Title Here“, available on the Kindle platform at, $2.99 USD.) The editor is the one bit of outsourcing that I must recommend no matter how good a writer you are. With editors, you are paying for something that cannot be achieved any other way: objectivity. […]

10 Things to Know Before You Write an eBook

My number one question of all time is, “How do I start writing an eBook?” Here are my top 10 recommendations. 1. Don’t buy any software or services. Part of the reason I do what I do is to demonstrate to Authors that they really, really can do this all by themselves. As you’ll see […]

6 eBook Tools That I Can’t Live Without

Part of my job is to try all sort of things that help Authors. Here, I’ll show you six things that I’ve personally tried, and that are really helping me with various things related to online marketing and eBooks. 1) Evernote¬†is great for; – web-based research, saving web pages – take a pic of a […]

It’s OK To Make Mistakes With An eBook

As far as business mistakes go – and I’ve made them all, I tell you – eBooks are one of the most forgiving projects you’ll ever attempt. Let me reassure you about how easy it is to dip your toe in the water without fear. Let’s say that you write an ebook. You don’t do […]

Your Self-Publishing Timeline

Here’s a checklist to help you create a project timeline for your self-published book or ebook, and understand how long to allocate for each stage of the process. There are two philosophies about when to release your book. One dictates that you should pre-determine a particular event or time of year with which to coincide […]