eBook Covers: Screen Fonts vs. Print Type

Are you designing your own eBook cover? Great! Here’s how to choose a font for the title and other text on your cover. (And BTW< this is not something that’s worth obsessing over. You have a lot going on right now – and obviously, your first concern needs to be writing a great eBook.) The […]

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Wrote My First eBook

I’m about to complete my part in eBook number 170. Here’s what I wish I’d known before I started this journey. 1. You will need to write much more than you thought. I knew that I’d probably want to write more than just one eBook, in fact, I could imagine dozens that I wanted to […]

Low-Carb Writer’s Snack

Let’s face it: writers don’t get a lot of exercise. I’ve discovered this recipe that makes a really crunchy and filling low-carb snack. Low-Carb Crunchy Writer’s Snack Mix (This makes enough to last at least a week or more.) – 1 box Bran Buds – 1 bag raisins – 500g toasted sunflower seeds – 500g […]