10 Things to Know Before You Write an eBook

My number one question of all time is, “How do I start writing an eBook?” Here are my top 10 recommendations. 1. Don’t buy any software or services. Part of the reason I do what I do is to demonstrate to Authors that they really, really can do this all by themselves. As you’ll see […]

Designing Your eBook Cover

Why are there so many eBook covers that just suck? Here’s how to un-suck yours, and design for digital, not print. It used to be said that you had 6 seconds to sell someone on your printed book in a bookstore. Personally, I think that was an overestimation, and it’s gotten much, much worse in […]

Best Practices: Book Cover Design

I’ve personally been involved on the design of about 25 book covers now, both ebook and printed books. Here are my 10 top tips for a great book cover. The design of your book cover is extremely important, no matter how you plan to distribute it. Marketing rumour (I won’t say research, because I can […]

Dealing with Graphic Designers

I recently had a question posed to me by a self-publishing author about how to choose and negotiate with a graphic designer. She asks, “…Pay per job, per hour or a combo of paying for the job plus a percentage of the first set # of books sold. Any opinions?” Most graphic designers, if they […]

Your First Instinct Is Usually Right

Even if not all of us are writers, we are all listeners. Communication that works is usually simple and plain. If it’s obvious, it’s often right. Check out this elegant video about graphic designer Paula Scher, the creator of the CitiBank umbrella logo, and various famous signage and design work in New York City and […]