Make Your eBook Into a Magazine

With my upcoming audio product eBook Fast Lane, I’m including a slim workbook for eBook creators. Here’s how you too can create an eBook that is also a magazine. HP has a service called MagCloud, and it is exactly what it sounds like: a cloud printing service for magazines. Yes, you can upload your mailing list, […]

Writing for eBooks vs. Writing for Paper Publication

Someone recently asked me, “Is there a difference in writing style between eBooks and paper publications?” Yes, and it can be quite dramatic. People buy eBooks for completely different reasons than they purchase paper books. Again, it comes down to knowing your audience and their needs. Let me share with you the top three reasons […]

eBooks on the iPad

I can’t stop watching the iPad video over and over. But how will this device work as an eBook reader, and what do eBook producers need to know? The iPad is (partly) designed to elevate eBooks to the next level, and it’s really the first practical, portable incarnation of a reader designed to take advantage […]