How to Think Like a Successful eBook Author

  Becoming successful in any field often requires a shift in thinking. Here are some of the shifts that I myself experienced, and that I continue to witness in clients and other successful eBook creators. 1. Stop thinking of yourself as an Author. Authors are amazing, creative, driven, and professional people. However, as the motivated […]

Is your book worth the time to write?

I went to see the movie Julie & Julia this evening, partly because it was about a female blogger, and partly because it was about Julia Child, a hero of mine. But I didn’t expect to re-learn an important lesson about writing. There’s a moment in Julie & Julia where Mrs. Child remarks something like, […]

Getting Real with 37Signals

Here’s the ebook I should have written, “Getting Real” by 37Signals. This brilliant eBook is about what all of us should apply to our virtual businesses, whether they be about software or not. For years, I’ve been preaching about “writing backwards”, and for that matter, doing all sorts of business activities backwards. Here is another […]