6 eBook Tools That I Can’t Live Without

Part of my job is to try all sort of things that help Authors. Here, I’ll show you six things that I’ve personally tried, and that are really helping me with various things related to online marketing and eBooks. 1) EvernoteĀ is great for; – web-based research, saving web pages – take a pic of a […]

Chris Garrett on Affiliate Marketing

I really like Chris Garret’s honest comments in this article about his experiences with affiliate marketing. While he talks about it more from the standpoint of running ads for someone else’s product, rather than having an affiliate program for your own products, he gives encouraging advice that mirrors my own. Pay special attention to his […]

Using LinkedIn to Sell Books

Just found an interesting post on LinkedIn by a business author named Gary Unger, who has released his book “How to Be a Creative Genius in 5 Minutes or Less” in July 2008. Click here to listen to Unger being interviewed by Stan Relihan on the Connections Show (from Australia) and how he explains the […]