6 eBook Tools That I Can’t Live Without

Part of my job is to try all sort of things that help Authors. Here, I’ll show you six things that I’ve personally tried, and that are really helping me with various things related to online marketing and eBooks. 1) EvernoteĀ is great for; – web-based research, saving web pages – take a pic of a […]

Editing the Landscape of Our Writing

I was awoken very early this morning by my neighbour’s new rooster. (Yes, she’s still my friend.) While trying to get back to sleep, I heard another sound – a gentle rustling and footsteps in my yard, outside my bedroom window. I crept out of bed to see a young deer and her very brand-new […]

Dealing with Post-It Note Addiction

Some might say that I have serious control issues. Not a bit of it – I just like all the forks to face west in the cutlery drawer. The blades of all the knives must face east, but the spoons can be any which way. I still stack my mixing bowls according to size and […]