How to Think Like a Successful eBook Author

  Becoming successful in any field often requires a shift in thinking. Here are some of the shifts that I myself experienced, and that I continue to witness in clients and other successful eBook creators. 1. Stop thinking of yourself as an Author. Authors are amazing, creative, driven, and professional people. However, as the motivated […]

Concrete and New Media


The next time a client tells me they’re not sure that blogging, social media marketing, and new media will work for their company, I want them to watch this video. Bruce is not ashamed to stand in a booth at BlogWorldExpo and beg people to blog about him and his company. It apparently worked, because […]

Why I Love Frank Kern

Frank Kern is another one of those goofy internet marketing guys that sells eBooks and other “make a million dollars this weekend” products. I seem to get plenty of this type of offer in my inbox, and like you, I ignore the vast majority of them. But whenever I hear that Frank has a new […]