Setting Your Self-Publishing Sights Higher

All the smart self-publishers these days are using techniques like speed-implemented print on demand, which is low-risk and high-yield. However, be sure you’re still thinking like a big-business publisher and using some classic business-building techniques. I totally advocate the use of Print-On-Demand (POD) services like The low-risk approach, the profit comparisons to major publishers, […]

Keyword Research – Download This

Keyword research is so very important that I want to highlight this tip sheet for my readers. Please download this free PDF for a fast introduction to the why and how. I recently gave a talk for the Nanaimo Women’s Business Network here on Vancouver Island, and for the Ladies Who Launch in Vancouver, and we […]

Self-Publishing Debate

I find this blog post from the Society of Authors in France interesting because it’s what many of us perceive as the main points of debate on self-publishing. Here’s what I agree with in this post: – Every Author needs help. It’s real work – you can’t do it all yourself. – Every Author is […]

Print-On-Demand: The Fly That Won’t Buzz Off

A friend in the book marketing biz recently sent me a link to a blog post by R. W. Ridley, the “Self-Published American”. Link directly to the relevant post here. Essentially, Mr. Ridley states that POD (Print on Demand) is akin to the methods of the independent filmmakers of Hollywood, whose rejection of convention means […]