18 Book Promotion Tips

Check out this list of 18 ways to promote your self-published (or traditionally-published) book or ebook. 1. Create a blog. If you still don’t believe in the power of blogs for book marketing, check out this article by Nancy Hendrickson: http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Authors-Need-to-Blog,-Even-If-No-One-Is-Reading&id=797505. Remember that the blog is not in addition to your website, it IS your […]

Another Great Video Example

Yet another example of how great documentation happens without huge budgets, but with tremendous character and impact. Besides my fascination with alternative uses of waste computer parts, I’m thrilled to see computer “garbage” have an application in the applied arts. This video is short and to the point, and clearly demonstrates all necessary steps without […]

What a How-To Video Should Be

Check out this how-to video I just found on YouTube. The next time I catch myself harping about production quality, I’ll remember this “little video that could”. This video author has created a small and stylish video to tell the world what she does in her spare time – she weaves placemats using an ancient […]

ISBN Numbers Easier for Self-Publishers: Interview with Andy Weissberg of Bowker USA

Bowker, the USA ISBN agency, is making plenty of changes that are especially helpful to self-publishers and small presses. I was very lucky this week to be able to get Andy Weissberg, a recently appointed GM at Bowker, on the phone for what turned out to be a rather lengthy interview. Andy is a great […]