How to Think Like a Successful eBook Author

  Becoming successful in any field often requires a shift in thinking. Here are some of the shifts that I myself experienced, and that I continue to witness in clients and other successful eBook creators. 1. Stop thinking of yourself as an Author. Authors are amazing, creative, driven, and professional people. However, as the motivated […]

Chris Garrett on Affiliate Marketing

I really like Chris Garret’s honest comments in this article about his experiences with affiliate marketing. While he talks about it more from the standpoint of running ads for someone else’s product, rather than having an affiliate program for your own products, he gives encouraging advice that mirrors my own. Pay special attention to his […]

Book Launches, New Releases, and Affiliate Programs – Oh My!

What a weekend it has been for Humanus Publishing! A launch party for one of my authors, a new release from another of my authors, and the rollout of our new affiliate program, all in the last 4 days! Sunday was the launch party for The Freshman FlyFisher, (ISBN 978-0-978-3292-1-1) by Rick Passek of Surrey, […]