How to Think Like a Successful eBook Author

  Becoming successful in any field often requires a shift in thinking. Here are some of the shifts that I myself experienced, and that I continue to witness in clients and other successful eBook creators. 1. Stop thinking of yourself as an Author. Authors are amazing, creative, driven, and professional people. However, as the motivated […]

A Great Story About Motivation

I love this video from starring Daniel Pink, titled “The Surprising Science of Motivation”. This has made me re-think the way I motivate myself to write a certain amount each day. In addition, his illustration of “The Candle Problem” has many applications, and I’m sure you’ll see yourself in at least part of this […]

Every Author Needs a Video Book Trailer

Here are my tips for creating your best book or eBook video trailer to promote your product on video sites like YouTube, and places like Twitter or FaceBook. The job of the video book trailer is the same as that of a movie trailer: give them a taste, but keep them wanting more. It should […]